Friday, April 10, 2015

Resurrection of Ironing Board Sam

The Music Maker Relief Foundation has released a wonderful short documentary telling the incredible story of Ironing Board Sam. He's one in a long line of musicians that the organization has lent their support in order get them back on their feet and back in the limelight after modern times have passed them by and left them without a pot to piss in. According to their website, the foundation has assisted over 300 artists and issued more than 150 albums, many by musicians that were living in the dire straits of poverty. I remember well when the founder, Tim Duffy, brought one of his first discoveries, Guitar Gabriel, to the publics attention and was amazed at the talent that the elderly bluesman still had up his sleeve.

Anyway, I had heard about Ironing Board Sam (born Sam Moore) somewhere back there in the day and his use of an ironing board for his keyboard stand. I'd never heard his music before now, though. Not going to go into any bio stuff on him, because it is written better on Music Makers' website
And spelled out in the documentary by filmmaker Tom Ciaburri in collaboration with the Southern Documentary Fund. So, without further ado, just click on the Vimeo vid here.

Must say that I've never seen a man shave with a knife, which Sam does in the opening scene of the documentary. Of course, there are way more marvelous revelations about the man they called Ironing Board Sam. Check him out. 'Nuff for now.