Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Sweet Home Brenham

My little Texas town of Brenham has been re-inventing itself over the past few years. The downtown area has become more dynamic as a tourist destination. New restaurants have popped up and the live music scene has been hopping.

Venues such as Home Sweet Farm, Brazos Valley Brewery, Roux Street, Deer Road BBQ and 96 West are some of the newer kids on the block offering live music at least once a week. Down the road a piece in Burton, The Whitehorse and the Burton Roadhouse have it pumping. Mobius Cafe, Nathan's BBQ, Shooter's, and Little Mike's have been doing it for awhile. Local musicians such as Sam Murski, Neil Kulhanek, Robert Zientek, Allison Crowson, Rob Moorman, the Amelang Family, Lou Lou Barbour and the Kelms (Charlie, Pat and Peyton) have been stirring the live music pot for quite some time.

Of course, what gets me up and off the couch most often is when some blues gets played up in there. Home Sweet Farm Market has been a go to place for a dose of what I need to hear. They've been featuring a very eclectic lineup since opening a year or so ago, but they bring the blues to the stage very often. They not only feature local blues folks like Ben Laskoskie and Aaron Loesch, but have brought in some very talented Austin and Houston musicians. The downtown businesses plotted out a Sunday Funday for the first Sunday of every month full of music, food and fun. Home Sweet Farm's part in that scenario was Sunday Blues Day with Loesch, Austin's Coming Up Muddy and Houston's The Mighty Org. The Mighty Org has been a favorite of mine for a long time, so it made my day that he trekked in from the big city. His original tunes knocked me out and the man can sing.
The Might Org

I missed the band, Coming Up Muddy, but caught them this past Memorial Day. The band consists of Todd Roth playing acoustic guitar, slide, cigar box guitar, harmonica and vocals. Chel Rich accompanies him on drums and they kicked butt, playing a mix of originals and chestnuts from Son House to Muddy Waters with a rendition of Voodoo Child played on the cigar box. Todd knows his book of blues and plays a rack harmonica as good as anyone I've heard.

Coming Up Muddy

I've played Mobius Cafe with Rob Moorman and Company for a number of years, so they are near and dear to my heart. Long time restauranteur and bass player, Henry de la Garza has assumed ownership and is upping the music ante at the venue. He held down the bottom for us at the last gig and never let Moorman's eclectic set list throw him.

Deer Road BBQ has been a barrel of fun since local legend, Sam Murski started a Thursday night jam. Since it is just over the hill from me, I've joined in with my harp more than a time or two. Brickyard Kane featuring Mitch White and guitar wizard Brian Sherer and Sam began swapping out jam nights and those guys can cook. Some fantastic musicians have shown up over the past year.

Anyway--I've run out of steam, so 'Nuff for now.