Saturday, May 25, 2019

Long Time Coming

Been over a year since I last posted. No excuses. None. I plan on getting things going again beginning with this post. Gonna spit out this and that revolving around both my writing and musical activities. Sort of just updating what's happening with me and around me as things pop into my head. I'll plan to keep posts short and sweet. Once upon a time blogs were 'the thing' but it seems that Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram platforms have eclipsed this format and those social media formats slap updates out short, sharp and to the point.

I begin with mentioning that I lost my website domain due to my credit card going out of date. I update my payment, but somehow that fell through the cracks. Didn't know it was gone until a fellow author told me when he pulled it up that all he saw was some random Vietnamese writing. I was told after three months that the domain may be available again. I typed in rickybushbooks and it looked like I was back in business because my website re-appeared. Then I saw that the URL read- Made no sense, but I haven't researched into the why and what. So since it is my website I leave things be for now.

On the book writing end of things I'm 55,000 words into my latest novel. This one has been pretty much similar to rolling a big rock up a hill. It'll roll back down and I'll roll it up again. There is a light at the end of the gopher tunnel. My first three books were published my Barking Rain Press and the last one by Fahrenheit Press. They've both done well by me. The latter focuses on crime stories.

I've mentioned playing harmonica with Rob Moorman and Company. He's kept us darned busy with booking around the town of Brenham which has several more great venues available than when I started playing with him eight years ago. We are a lot better now and Rob's made me a better harp player. We draw well enough that venues re-book us. I'll mention more in future posts. I don't think I mentioned that I bought a 68 Custom Princeton Reverb amp for gigs that need a bit more volume. I'll discuss it at some point.

I did mention before that I'm more or less done with reviewing recordings. I loved writing those, but it just takes too much time to do it right. I will let readers know about new blues that I've purchased, which is quite a few since I last mentioned such.

I'll wrap up by saying that I took my daughter and her best friend to see ZZ Top courtesy of a fantastic brother-n-law's third row tickets at the Cynthia Mitchell Pavilion. Cheap Trick and Bad Company opened and the show was stupendous. Tonight I'm taking my wife to listen to David Lee Holt at the 4 Star Concert venue here. He's Joe Ely's guitar player and slings strings with Tommy Shannon's Blues Band. Back in the day, he joined Shannon, Chris Layton, Malford Milligan and David Grissom in forming the critically acclaimed Storyville. Speedy Sparks, of Doug Sahm's band, will join him on bass. Should be a helluva show.--'Nuff for Now.