Thursday, September 16, 2010

This 'n' That Snippets

Got into a pretty good groove working on my latest crime story and my assigned editor began sending me chapters from River Bottom Blues to get that process rolling, so I thought that I'd better drive by the blog while I had a minute and plop down a few snippets.

My good buddy, blues harp wiz and singer extraordinaire, Rob Roy Parnell gave be a heads up that his wife, Wendy's book was on the market. It's a wonderful children's book inspired by the Joe Ely song, Musta Notta Gotta Lotta Sleep Last Night. Matter of fact, that's the title of the book and it may just be the first Joe Ely song that caught my attention back in the day. Well, anyway, the story follows Buddy Brown's calamity of a school day after his cat, Lucky, keeps him awake all night. She tells the tale in rhyme as Buddy is followed from one mishap to another in a cautionary story of the importance of getting enough sleep eye.
Wendy's brother, Guy Hundere, captures the characters colorfully with his illustrations.

No, I did not buy it for myself. My daughter, Erica, presented us with our first granddaughter this past May. So, when she old enough to be read to by her grandpa, Wendy's book will be one of the first. Click here to order a copy.

Then there's my blues harp buddy from Houston, Sonny Boy Terry, who helped orchestrate that Guinness Book of World's Records harmonica event at the Astros' L.A. Dodger's game on September 10th. Sounds like everyone had a marvelous time, but the Astros decided wait until the 11th inning to lose, and they lost a number of fans along the way---including the number needed to break the records. Oh well, best laid plans. BUT--here's a picture by Jim Pierce documenting Michael Rubin, Ronnie Shellist, Sonny Boy and Gary Allegretto doing the pre-game 'Take Me Out To The Ballgame'.

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