Tuesday, August 11, 2009

100 Posts Old

Yipee Ky Yi Yay! I guess a celebration is in order since I just noticed that my last post represented #100 for Back In The Day and the Bushdog Blues. What a milestone! Naw. Some folks write a post a day and since my first post appeared in April 2008, well, I'd say that I'm way behind that curve.

Now that I'm a novelist (unpublished, but what the hey), my research indicates that most bards are sort of expected to promote the fact that they write and plan on publishing or have published and should promote what they have written in a blog. Part of today's Marketing 101 for publicizing the published. Many, if not, most published authors also have a website dedicated to getting the word out there and information as to just how to order their latest (or the one before that and the one before that, etc...).

Many of these blogs have oodles of information in regards to writing right (at least in their blog roll sidebars). We can follow them through the trials and tribulations of the tasks facing their writing efforts and read the myriad of comments egging them on to stick with it and get her done. In some cases, they'll post unpublished snippets of their unpublished work in progress.

You might say that this post here is an example of what I probably should be doing. Writing about my writing. Maybe I'll start up another blog, someday, for doing just that. In the meantime, I'll just blog about the blues as the muse strikes (and mention my unpublished novel on occasion, since it does contain a little blues). Anyway--'nuff for now.

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