Monday, April 19, 2010

What's A Poor Boy To Do?

I've been out of the loop (in way more ways than one) for the past month or more, so I decided to go over to my favorite online record store (yeah, I still like to use the word record)and owner Charlie Lange slaps me in the face all these wonderful new releases for us blues harp enthusiasts. Normally, a must have recording will entice me every month or two and I can slowly part with my cash, but danged it he's highlighting a slew of the good stuff. Anyway--I thought I'd share what made me grab my credit card (not that I bought them all, but maybe I will later...tomorrow...or...dang it!)

Gary Primich
Gary, IndianaCan't pass these
live cuts up, playing
with these Scandinavian
blues cats. Besides, he
left us way too soon, so
I'll take any memories
he left behind. He was
truly one of the most creative
harmonica dudes on the planet.

Mark Hummel
W/Charlie Musselwhite and a
Rusty Zinn

With Charlie Musselwhite and Rusty Zinn on board, this has to be a cooking release. I've got a lot of Hummel's stuff, but I must say that this West Coast icon has become quite the master blaster in recent years.

Johnny Moeller
Bloo Ga Loo!
W/Kim Wilson & Lou Ann Barton

'Nuff said. But really, I know that Johnny's not a harp player, but he is by far one of the best damned guitar players out there or anywhere and I'll buy his stuff forever. Oh...and Kim and Lou Ann...I know they'll do it good!

Rhythm Willie
The Greatest Harp Player
You've Never Heard

I've just heard this guys name mentioned in reverence over the years by fellow harp people. No one has ever been able to point me in the right direction as far as where to find his stuff. Seems that a song here and a song there exited somewhere, but where?... now it seems that we can all judge for ourselves. Cool!

Well, these were just the ones that really tweak my interest. Go over there to bluebeat music and get your credit card out. There's also William Clarke's Tip of the Top if you missed it the first go 'round, a package deal on Paul Butterfield's best blowing, an outstanding price for a 4 cd Howling Wolf package, and the latest Mannish Boys release. Buy now!

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