Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Have a Greasy Christmas

Just spotted these over at Bluebeat Music's website. They've got to be a hoot 'n a half. I'd say if they can't get a Christmas party rockin', then nothing will.

Kid Andersen & Friends- Christmas At Greaseland- RED VOLUME

[ Greaseland1225 ]

Star studded Christmas spectacular!!!!!! featuring RICK ESTRIN- PAUL OSCHER- SID MORRIS- RUSTY ZINN & LISA LEU ANDERSEN...................

1. Rudolph The Funky Reindee
2. Santa Claus (w/ RICK ESTRIN)
3. Norwegian Christmas Medley
4. IN The Barn Sits Santa With His Christmas Porridge
5. Precious Lord Take My Hand (w/ LISA LEU ANDERSEN)
6. Silent Muddy Night (w/ RICK ESTRIN)
7. Run Run Rudolph
8. Sad Sad Christmas (w/ PAUL OSCHER)
9. Cristo Redentor
10. Introduction
11. Akevitt Boogie

Kid Andersen & Friends- Christmas At Greaseland-

[ Greaseland1224 ]

A star studded Christmas spectacular!!!!! SPECIAL GUESTS- ELVIN BISHOP- RICK ESTRIN- JOHN NEMETH- MARK HUMMEL & RUSTY ZINN................

1. Santas Messing With The Kid (w/ Rusty Zinn- Elvin Bishop & Mark Hummel)
2. Merry Christmas Baby
3. Enebaerblues (w/ Terry Hanck)
4. Deilig Er Jorden
5. O Jul Med Din Gled
6. Whiskey Head Buddies (w/ Elvin Bishop)
7. Jingle Bells
8. Christmas Tears (W/ John Nemeth)
9. Santa Claus Is Coming To Play (w/ Terry Hanck)
10. Oh Holy Night

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