Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The 44s

I don't post very many videos, but I heard these guys playing this on the radio on B.B. King's Bluesville satellite radio and just had to share it here. Of course, it was the harpman who caught my ear on this tune that Lester Butler's Red Devils put on my desert island list. Turns out that it's Tex Nakamura, who took over Lee Oskar's harp chair in War, blowing the reeds out of his instrument. The lead singer/guitarist, Johnny Main, and the upright bass player, Mike Turturro, both played in Lynwood Slim's band, so they know a bit about supporting what a harmonica does best. Not going to bore anyone with a lot of details here, when you can travel over to and catch up with these guys. The site has several more vids showcasing just how good these SoCal guys are. They have a Kid Ramos produce release called, Boogie Disease, which I'll try to procure as soon as possible and leave more of my impressions behind in a subsequent post. 'Nuff for now.

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