Friday, June 10, 2011

Save THIS Date

The best danged harmonica event in Texas is blowing back into town on July 30, 2011. Sonny Boy Terry's Down Home Texas Blues Harmonica Festival and Clinic will provide the thrills and chills for harmonica enthusiasts once again at Dan Electros Guitar Bar. Thought that I'd thrown down this appetizer before I headed out for a week in Belize and provide the main course of what's on the agenda when I return (and have lots more details). In the meantime, I can say that one of the most respected harmonica instructors out there doing it, Ronnie Shellist, will share his knowledge during the clinic portion. Local harp amp guru, Professor Stephen Schneider, will demystify amplifying the blues harp and heading down a better tonal path.

Providing the rounds of entertainment, along with Shellist and the Sonny Boy Terry Quartet, will be Austin's Greg Izor, Gulf Coast stalward, Tommy Dar Dar, and Texas Johnny Boy. All patrons will have the opportunity to share their talents by participating during the jam portion of the evening. Now, this is all preliminary information that I'm sharing and is subject to change, but since I'll be somewhere other than my computer for the next week, I wanted to get the cat out of the bag and onto the blog. I straighten out any screw-ups then, and I'll stick the more finalized and exciting details up when I return. Right now, I've got a flight to catch. Stay tuned and in the interim check out: and you'll know more that I do, before I do. Oh, and check out the archives from last summer. I've got a few pictures posted up from the last wang dand doodle. 'Nuff for now.

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