Monday, August 22, 2011

Chi-Town Blues Harp Bash

If this can't get your Mojo Working, well it just won't work for you. Looks like plenty of Chi-town type blues harp talent on tap gonna be bringing it to the table. The fact that the tone monster himself, Gary Smith, will be getting fat and nasty sure tempts me to book a ticket from Texas to Chicago. I saw Morry Sochat on my last visit to Chicago and the man swings. SPACE is a great, intimate place to hear what will just have to be a fantastic show. Go to for the lowdown on the blowdown.


Chris Phillips said...

Looks like a good time.

Kirk Manley said...

Hey Ricky,

I met you at the SPACE show last year - not sure if you remember me. You should definitely book your flight and get tics for this show. It's gonna be a good one. Plus, Gary is coming to Joe's class the next night (Monday, 9/19) to give us the inside scoop on his west coast harp career, play some harp, etc. That'll be a fun night, too. You're welcome to join us for that. Starts at 8pm. Just make sure you get there by 7:30p since we may run out of seating. I can give you directions to the Old Town School at the SPACE show. Hope to see you there! Drop me a line if you decide to make the trip up north.

Thanks for plugging the show!


Ricky Bush said...

Hey Kirk--Certainly I remember you. I check out your blog frequently and wished that I lived in Chicago with you guys. I also WISH that I could make it up there for this great show, but just can't do it. I did think that those that stumble onto the blog needed to know about it, though. Thanks for dropping by.