Friday, December 30, 2011


Ya know, I really can't recall my resolutions from last January. Maybe it's because I rarely make any. I do think I did make a few last time out, but if I did, I certainly didn't write them down anywhere as proof. So I don't know if I met those goals. Gonna change that today, because I'm jotting down a few here. I doubt if I go back a year from now and check to see if I did 'em or not, but they be recorded for posterity...or whatever.

FIRST--I need to maintain the ol' blog here a bit better with mo' frequent posts.

SECOND--Some of those posts would be reviews of some CDs that I've been meaning to review such as:
Evening by Sugar Ray and the Bluetones, Live In Boston 1966 by Junior Wells & The Aces, The Bull Creek Sessions by The Moeller Bros, The Little Elmore Reed Blues Band, and Choice Cuts by Big Pete. I'll just say right now that all of these are worthy editions to anyone's blues library...just in case I don't get around to reviewing them.

THIRD--Stay busy writing, writing, and writing. Even though River Bottom Blues hasn't hit the market yet, my second book in the series is ready to go and I need to get more of the third down on paper. RBB should be out by the end of January (I'm thinking anyway), so I need to also focus on putting a marketing/promotion cap on the ol' head and figure out the best way to get the word out to readers.

FOURTH--Try to get out there and see more live blues in action.

FIFTH--Ain't no fifth. I'll be doing good to do the last four good. 'Nuff for now.


Elizabeth said...

Looking forward to your continued posts and reviews in 2012! All the best.

Ricky Bush said...

Thanks Liz. Happy New Year to ya!

DT said...

Hey Ricky, glad to make your acquaintance. Just wondered, in your opinion, what crossover Blues / Jazz albums would you recommend?

Ricky Bush said...

Hey Derek--thanks for stopping by the blog. Sorry, but I'd be lying if I said that I knew much about Jazz music. My taste pretty much stay solidly in the ol' down the river, straight up blues.

I do know that Wynton Marsalis and Eric Clapton just collaborated on an album together. Haven't heard it, but I'd bet it has a bit of both on it.

See ya--
Ricky B