Monday, February 27, 2012

River Bottom Blues Book Events

Hitting the trail to meet and greet anyone with the inclination to drop by a signing of River Bottom Blues. First, let me mention that I shared a table with a great group of middle school students at their annual Authors and Appetizers event at Brenham, Texas' esteemed Giddings Stone Mansion. The purpose is to allow the students to mingle and hob nob with authors and poets from the area to show them that authors are "real" people and that they too can possibly do the same. True. If I can get it done, then anyone can. Each writer addressed the group with their stories about doing it after a fine lunch provided by the parents.

Mobius Coffehouse  will host my local book launch, for lack of a better term, this coming Saturday, March 3 between 9am-1pm. They have some mighty fine food to go with their mighty fine coffee. Great pizzas, soups and the best homemade bread ever to encase a sandwich. Anyone who buys a print copy of the book will get the coupon for the FREE eBook version from the publisher. BY THE WAY...anyone who has a coupon can get the Kindle, ePub and PDF format from now.

Those who have bought a book already, but would like it signed can drop by Mobius and I'll stick my signature to it. The Brenham Book Nook has copies available and I'd be glad to sign those.

For those who live over in the College Station/Bryan area, I'll be signing copies at Hastings Books, 2004 Texas Ave in College Station from 1-3 on March 24th. Get the word out to all those Aggie sons, daughters, relatives or friends and tell 'em to drop by for a visit. The book is in stock now for those who want to drop by and pick up a copy.

River Bottom Blues is now available at Amazon is both print and Kindle, Barnes and Noble in print and Nook, and numerous other booksellers such as Books-a-million, Abe Books, Powells, and Bookdepository and Pickabook in the UK. OR order it through a favorite independent book store.


AM Funk said...

Hey Mr Bush:
Have just completed your book "River Bottom Blues". Found very interesting with a harp community spin. Make me want to hide me harp playing due to some bad boys may want to harm me.

Good Luck
AM Funk

Ricky Bush said...

Thanks Mr. Funk! Spread the word. That word of mouth stuff works wonders for getting the message out.