Tuesday, September 4, 2012

River Bottom Blues Half Price Sale

The one year anniversary of my publisher, Barking Rain Press, is cause for celebration. They are doing so by offering all their eBooks at 50% off, which means the eBook version of River Bottom Blues can be had for $2.99. Visit their site http://www.barkingrainpress.org and type in the code BRP1YEAR at checkout for the bargain price.

I've been really pleased with the growth and progress Barking Rain Press has made over the past year under the leadership of publisher, Sheri Gormley. They've acquired the works of excellent authors, added staff members, and significantly increased their profile on the publishing scene since I signed with them. Once my capable editor, Ti Locke and I finish the final round of edits and put the shine on The Devil's Blues, it just may make a release date prior to Thanksgiving. I just got a gander at the marvelous cover work supplied by staff artist Stephanie Flint. Can wait to show it off. Of course, I'll shout it out here.

In the meantime, be sure to get the first in the Mitty Andersen/Pete Bolden series by taking advantage of the 1/2 price eBook deal. Of course, a signed trade paperback can still be ordered by clicking the "Buy Now" button in the sidebar of the blog here. By the way, Amazon and B&N are offering the $2.99 deal also. 'Nuff blatant self promotion for now.

P.S.---Just found out from my publisher that the print version is 50% off also.


J.B. Chicoine said...

Ha! I guess "blatant self-promotion" pays off! I've been meaning to get River Bottom Blues and this was the perfect reminder! I just downloaded my copy. :)

Ricky Bush said...

I really appreciate that J.B. I think you'll enjoy the read. Hope so anyway.

Anonymous said...

Do you know how many teachers retire and say they plan to write a book? It's inspiring to see you walk the walk.
Diggin this blog since you started Rick, keep up the good work.
DSmith, Portland

Ricky Bush said...

Yep, dude, you've been with me since the beginning and I always appreciate you stopping by with your kind comments. Spread the word around Portland about my books. Word of mouth is the best advertising.