Tuesday, April 8, 2008

In The Beginning...

Well, I guess the best place to start this thing rolling is to explain what I'm doing here. Over the course of time I'm planning on re-visiting my roots as far as just why and how they tapped into the fertile grounds of blues music. Actually, I seem to just be a clone of a sub-culture of middle aged white men (M.A.W.M.s) who somehow siphoned the blues out of those myriad of Englishmen, who were recording American Black Blues music along with their rock back in the "60. We drank it in and became intoxicated with the warmth that the music left within. As most M.A.W.M.s, I found my way back to the same source that the Yardbirds, Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, John Mayall etc...drew from and understood their attraction to the music. As many of my college buds were listening to Journey, Deep Purple, Heart, etc...I was sticking Muddy Waters, Howling Wolf, Albert King, and Elmore James on the turntable.

Anyway--at some point in time I amassed a pretty respectable collection of records, cassettes, and cds of every imaginable style of blues music. I subscribed to three blues magazines and one harmonica magazine (after taking up the blues harp as a diversion) and began to apply my journalism background to writing and submitting articles and music reviews. Many of my reviews were published on a website called the Delta Snake and in print in the American Harmonica Magazine. When both ceased to exist, so did the posterity of my writings. Plans are to resurrect some of those here--I feel that they need to have a presence somewhere and that maybe I owe it to those that I wrote about.

At another point in time, I began to play the harmonica outside of my homestead (way sooner than I should have ventured out--but that's another story I'll get around to relaying). I've met some wonderful musicians through the instrument and plan on sharing my experiences along the way. Okay, 'nuff for now.

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