Friday, April 25, 2008

Sonny Boy Terry

Wanted to throw this out real quick for anyone still with me. A good friend of mine (whom I'll cover in much more detail down the road) is the BEST bluesharp player in our fair state of Texas. After moving to Houston from the midwest, many moons ago, to seek out and play with the living legends still residing in the city, Sonny Boy Terry is fast becoming one of those legends. I've written about him a time or two and reviewed his cds and maybe I can re-release those articles on the blog here, but if not, hell, I'll just re-write them. He's an important element to our music, folks, and if you're ever in Houston, find out where his band is playing. In the meantime, click on the link in the sidebar and check out his myspace stuff and get his records (I know they ain't records-but it describes the music better). I'll round up some photos, later.
P.S. (by way of post edit) The event pictured above was listed at his myspace site and looked to be just way TOO worthy not to give it a little more publicity. If I can make it over to the show, I'll pass along a little review.


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