Thursday, May 1, 2008

Going Postless for the History Fair

Gotta perform one of my last duties as a teacher and accompany a few of my students that did well enough to make it to the Texas State History Fair. I squabbled a bit with the curriculum director over whether or not I should require world geography students work on a history project when it would mean giving up my geography projects, she decide I should, so they've been entering the contest for the past three years. Placing in the top three at the regional contest in their category sends them to the Bob Bullock Museum in Austin for the state competition. The students that show up in Austin, eat, breathe, and live history fair and always prove to us just how out of our element we are. This year may be different, with a documentary by a couple of students that just may give 'em a run for the money. Who knows, maybe we'll get a paid trip to Maryland for nationals. The museum, itself, is a treasure that every Texan needs to experience.

Now, back in the day and to keep things relative, I might have worked a way to slip off to Antone's for an hour or two and catch whoever was laying it down in the name of blues. Sad thing is that you'd be hard pressed to find a weekend that a blues band is booked into the world famous home of the blues. Oh, yeah, they'll cycle a few through every now and then, but something is wrong here--guess its all about the money.

The Rolling Stones Martin Scorcese flick is premiering at the museum's IMAX and I reckon that would be a great way to spend some time, but I also reckon that tickets were sucked up some time ago. Guess we could listen to the tribute band that'll be playing on site. Not.

So, I won't be back in until Sunday. If I've got an interesting tale, I'll leave it here. Anyway--

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