Wednesday, May 7, 2008

T-Bird Rhythm

Anyone that is within shouting distance of College Station, Texas this Saturday night (and with 5 different Texas A&M graduation ceremonies, beginning Friday, there should be a few folks over there) needs to make it over to an outdoor city-run amphitheater called Wolf Pen Creek--next door to Post Oak Mall. I've never been there myself and may never make it back, but I'm planning on catching Kim Wilson and The Fabulous Thunderbirds in action.

Looks to be a pleasant enough venue. They are booked as part of a Spring/Summer concert series that runs from 8-10pm. Don't see why they'd book an opening act for a two hour event, but a band called The Band of Heathens is due up first. I've never heard them, but I have heard the buzz as far as them being something of a hot item in Austin. Might be worthy. I'd still like to hear Kim and the boys going at it for the entire time, though, especially since he has Johnny Moeller bending strings for him now. In my opinion, Johnny is one of the BEST blues guitarists on the scene today. He's just got it--complete and soulful. His brother, Jay, is the drummer now. Both trekked in from Denton, Texas way before Clifford Antone was incarcerated and duly impressed him enough to keep them around his clubs as regulars.

So, I've got my wife, son, daughter #2 with husband and whoever else believes me, talked into visiting Wolf Creek Pen Amphitheater with blankets, coolers and coldcuts for a butt-rocking picnic. Anyway--I'll report back on this one.

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