Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lone Wolf Harp Tone +

This is the link to Stephen demoing the Lone Wolf Harp Tone + pedal using a stock Superlux mic through an Epiphone Valve Junior Half-Stack amplifier. . Great example of just what another one of Randy Landry's Lone Wolf pedals can do to bring out the best tone from the stage, especially with a mic and amp that may be less than optimal. While you at the youtube site, you can check out the second vid that Stephen posted from the Antone's gig with the Harp Attack and Bobby Mack.

Also if you want a bit more explanation of the Harp Tone + demo check out Ted Weber's harp forum. Stephen gives us the inside scoop. Great playing going down in Houston town. Anyway--


Blue said...

Great lick great post. That tone really is killer. The mic may not have been helping much, but the Epiphone half is a fun rig to wail with. The pedal did help the tone come out from under its rock. The Harp Attack is still on my "to buy" list. Thanks for bringing Lone Wolf pedals other than their delay to my attention.

Ricky Bush said...

Stephen has plugged the Harp Tone + into several amps that needed help in getting a decent sound going and the pedal accomplished that for him very well. The Harp Attack will definitely fit your situation well. Anyway--

HTownFess said...

Hey, thanks Ricky & Blue: trying to get the word out on this pedal too. The thing that's not apparent on this clip is that the Tone+ is about twice as effective when the harp key reaches about C and up: something about amplifying bass content audibly fattens the higher keys by making bass a bigger proportion of their tone, whereas adding the same amount of bass to an A harp is not as dramatic. Anybody who tends to walk back to their amp and turn treble down with higher harps ought to use a Tone+ instead.

Got some more Tone+ clips coming eventually on use with other types of amps.

Speaking of the Harp Attack, I used it at the Pocket Full of Soul afterparty last Saturday and got the "You weren't using an amp?!!!" reaction the next day from Steve Myers, who'd been in the back of the room. Steve had loaned an SJ410 for Gary Allegreto to use at the park earlier so I think he knows what an amp sounds like.

Ricky Bush said...

Your mighty welcome, there, Stephen. Your the one doing all of us harp players a huge favor by putting Randy's pedals through some real world experiments and then sharing the results. Anyway--

Anonymous said...

I met Stephen last night at Antone's where we were both playing the annual Austin Blues Society fund raiser. A really nice guy, Stephen was more than happy to give me low down on the Lone Wolf Pedal. Not sure I'll be trading in my Supro Amp just yet but for a 'get up and play' situations where they there's no amp available the Lone Wolf sounded great.
Simon Wallace -
American roots & Blues.

Ricky Bush said...

Hey Simon--

Yeah, Stephen is a nice guy and a heck of a harp player. From my visit over to the Porter Davis website, I might add that you've got some pretty good chops also. The news clip offers a nice example. Anyway--