Friday, February 12, 2010

Bobby Mack Live Stream

Man, I don't know why I didn't post this sooner. Sometimes my old brain fizzes out, I guess. I've posted clips on the blog of Bobby Mack's playing before (along with my harp buddy Stephen Schneider), but this is a real treat. I tuned in the last time Bobby streamed his live show from The Big Easy in Houston. He and John McVey smoked 'em on down with some of the finest blues guitar that I'd heard in a long time. I felt that I was sitting at a ringside table at the club. He's at it again this Saturday with McVey and added guest, Texas Johnny Brown--who's a bit of a Houston blues treasure. Might even be a little harp thrown in before the end of the night by Steven. Go over to Bobby's website for this don't miss for sure blues show.

Here's a post from Stephen S fills in a lot more information:
"Another Bobby Mack live stream from the world-infamous Big Easy Social and Pleasure Club in Houston scheduled for 9:30 Central U.S. time, Sat. February 13 on if you care to tune in to what will likely be A WHOLE LOT OF GREAT REAL TEXAS BLUES GUITAR (not the widdly-widdly blues-rock kind) and maybe a little bit of harmonica if the logistics allow the latter. The guitar lineup is Bobby & John McVey again, and this time they're adding the illustrious Texas Johnny Brown, former bandleader for Junior Parker and Bobby Bland, former Duke/Peacock session guitarist, composer of "Two Steps from the Blues" among other songs. Johnny's got the energy of a man half his age, doubt he'll do much of his own material but I'd really like to hear him work out on other people's stuff at length for a change because he & Sherman Robertson are the very last two active members of the original Houston school of blues guitar (e.g., Gatemouth Brown, Johnny Gtr. Watson, Albert Collins, Clarence Hollimon, Pete Mayes, Joe Hughes, etc.). McVey, as I said before, toured with Larry Davis, Hook Herrera, Paul Orta, folks like that before stepping out on his own; Bobby you know from the Antones videos of the LW pedals.

So if you like to cleanse your palate with first-rate guitar blues on occasion, check it out, and turn your guitarist friends onto it. Might be in the right time slot for after your Saturday gigs in Europe. I will get the Harp Attack into the PA if I can; it's going to depend on the recording channel situation, probably, and of course one defers to Texas Johnny in this situation. He's a blues treasure, the best senior bluesman you've never heard of, really at the height of his powers today, and this is likely to be more of an old-school and Austin blues context than you would ever see him in otherwise. So I may turn up for several songs, or I may not, but quite a guitar show regardless--"

So there you have it--tune in tomorrow night and see what's what. 'nuff for now.

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