Monday, August 23, 2010

River Bottom Blues "LIVES"

Well, it's official. I can actually say that I've begun my second career as a practicing novelist. You know, the same way that I refer to myself as a practicing Catholic. Of course (and those who have hung around with me here long enough know), I've been practicing at the craft for some time. Only now, though, it's for real. My novel, RIVER BOTTOM BLUES, has been offered a contract for publication by a small, but dedicated bunch of folks at Virtual Tales (check out the sidebar or click here). As soon as the editor, assigned by the publisher, contacts me, I'll be practicing my buns off with several rounds of edits and all sorts of tasks preparing the book for the market.

My wife reminded me that I told her soon after we met that I planned to write a book someday. Well, over thirty years later...but, like the cliche (have to learn to avoid those now) goes, "better late than never". So, if the good lord's willing and the creeks don't rise (dang, another cliche), I'll be a published author soon. I'll be back with my progress as it flows through the pipe. 'Nuff for now.


Anonymous said...

Congrats! We're all happy for you. I dig the fact that you're actually following through on your promise to write when you retire. I'm sure you're inspiration to 1000's of others who make the same pledge.
D Smith, Portland

Ricky Bush said...

Thanks, man! Don't know about those 1,000s of others business, but tenacity is the key word.

Mike Lynch said...

Congratulations Ricky!!

Ricky Bush said...

Thanks for the congrats, Mike. There are a lot of correlations between being a musician and being a writer. Both of 'em take some hustling to get somewhere.