Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Just a short note to say that I'm excited to see my first ever author interview posted at I appreciate the folks over there allowing me to share the tale of a rookie writer. Starting to feel a bit more like an actual author now. I've just finished wading through the third edits for River Bottom Blues and it's taking shape as an actual book. The publisher's senior board will give it a run through and get it back to me at some point for more read throughs and cover design ideas will be tossed around and..and...some day it'll be published with my name on it. Yahoo!


Mr. D said...

Congrats there Ricky. You are my vanguard. I'll be following you very closely every step of the way.

Ricky Bush said...

Thanks, Mark. You know Vanguard records put out some great blues back in the day. If your following me, watch your step!