Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rich DelGrosso/Jonn Del Toro Richardson

This is gonna be a good 'un. I first got wind of these two collaborating back when Sonny Boy Terry ask if I wanted to travel up to Austin and hang out while he added a few harmonica licks to their recording session. I didn't make it, but I sure ain't missing out when this disc, Time Slips On By, is released on January 18, 2011.

Now, if you haven't heard Rich DelGrosso or Jonn Del Toro Richardson, then be darned sure for a New Year's resolution that making up for that is on the list. Jonn turned my ear back in the day when I showed up a jam session that he ran. He immediately impressed me, playing blues guitar the way that I think it should be played. Of course, he's impressed plenty of others along the way. DelGrosso's Outta My Business blew me away with his blues mandolin in the traditon of Yank Rachell and Johnny Young. No one picks that 'taterbug' like he does. I'll be back with more on these two aces when this release is released.

Their websites tell the story better that I can so go to: and 

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