Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Just Blow It, Man!

Need a road trip play list of blues harp instrumentals? These are some that I think are just peachy keen.

1. Varmint--from the mouth of Gary Primich and from one of his best albums, Company Man. Might just be my favorite. He rips it open.
2. Marion's Mood--Rick Estrin gets way down and greazy on this tune from Kid Ramos' Greasy Kid's Stuff.
3. Blues In A Dream--from Jerry Portnoy's Home Run Hitter. A kissin' cousin to the Estrin tune in setting a mood to lay you back and groove on the scenery. Let someone else drive. Not enough Portnoy out there and this is a good 'un.
4. Rocker--Little Walter...'nuff said. Of course, I could fill a play list of his exquisite instrumentals.
5. South Bay Beat Down--Gary Smith is just a tone monkey deluxe and this one has him hangin' it all out there from his danged good Blues For Mr. B.
6. Extra Napkins--Icepick James Harman is such a witty blues lyricsmith, but he puts down some of my favorite harp chops too. Can't beat this from the album of the same name.
7. West Coast Flood--Mark Hummel's gettin' down with just an ol' back down-in-the-alley blues from Low Down from Uptown.
8. Cleo's Mood--Kim Wilson owns this tune from Barrelhouse Chuck's Got My Eyes On You. Sweet.
9. Runnin' Off At The Mouth--love the title to this Mitch Kasmar jumpin' jivin' rave up from Nickels and Dimes.
10. Homan and Dowling--Sonny Boy Terry exudes the groove in regards to what this intersection in Houston's Third Ward is all about with the fabulous Joe 'Guitar' Hughes slinging it with him. Stone cold twelve bar blues you can use from Breakfast Dance.

Instrumentals can be a tiring lot sometimes, but these are a well played lot by some of the best in the business and far from tiresome. There's plenty more where these came from, but I just happened to have these in iPod rotation and thought I share the list.

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