Monday, January 24, 2011

River Bottom Blues Update

"When's your book coming out?" Now that friends, family and social network contacts know that I've written a book and that it has been acquired by a publishing and that it is in the "process", this is my most asked question. "Not quite sure", is normally the best answer that I can give them because River Bottom Blues hasn't been assigned a definite release date. Sometimes I'll say, "Oh, maybe late Summer 2011." That's always been an educated guess based on me extrapolating the timelines of the other authors from their acquisition date to published product. Now that Virtual Tales has updated their production schedule for 2011, I do have a better idea of when my book may hit the market. Again, my extrapolations are based on the number of authors in the production queue ahead of me. So...I'm thinking late September or maybe October 2011.

In the meantime, Virtual Tales offers a method to sign up for the first four chapters for FREE now and receive them once they are available. That's a good thing. The first four chapters will convince readers that they must have River Bottom Blues (or, heavens forbid, the exact opposite). If it is the former, then Virtual Tales will include a 40% coupon off the purchase price for giving the book a test run. If it is the latter, then it cost nothing to decide that the book is not the reader's cup of tea (or brand of beer). The publisher absolutely does not spam your e-mail. They'll send a confirmation, then send the chapters when they are formatted. There are two ways to achieve the same results. One is by sending a blank e-mail here:link
And the other is to use the form in the Back In The Day sidebar. Actually, there are three, because the form is also available on my website

I do know that River Bottom Blues' cover artwork should be in the works very soon. Now, that'll be exciting to see the theme of my novel graphically illustrated. It'll all seem so much more 'for real' when they send me the example. It'll certainly help with the promotion end of things once I can apply the cover design into my marketing platforms. So, now, when asked, "When's your book coming out?", I'll answer, "Not quite sure", but I do have a better idea of when that'll happen.


PSGifford said...

Nicely said!


Ricky Bush said...

Hey Paul--thanks for stopping by and thanks for he kind words.

Creepy Query Girl said...

Sounds like lots of exciting stuff coming up for you! Hope you get word on the release date soon! Congrats!

Ricky Bush said...

Thanks Katie. Yep, it's always nice to have something to look forward to--and getting published is exciting. Appreciate you dropping by. Luv you blog and your wit!