Saturday, July 23, 2011


My crime novel, featuring the blues harp playing duo Mitty Andersen and Pete Bolden, is living and breathing life once more. After being orphaned by my last publisher, who called it quits, River Bottom Blues has found a new home at Authors' Niche I've been on the prowl since last March searching for a publisher who had the same enthusiasm for my manuscript as my last one and AN certainly rose to the occasion. Even though I know signing up with an outfit that is brand spanking new has it's risks, when a publisher offers really nice, sincere compliments about my writing and then goes on to say how much they love the blues, well then, they get me leaning in their direction. Any publisher who asks me if I've heard of Mojo Buford is all right in my book.

What helped seal the deal, though, was a request from the publisher for a phone conversation in order to discuss what I may be getting into with Authors' Niche; such as their publishing philosophies and business model, and what they will do and won't do. This took place before I signed a contract and was sure a nice personal touch. Never talked to a publisher before and I've had two other conversations since signing a contract a couple of weeks ago. They've convinced me that they are hell bent on getting things right in this wicked publishing industry, and that they have faith in River Bottom Blues and Richard Bush. I'm putting my faith into these nice folks over there also and I believe in them. A short bio and book blurb has already been published at their website and production will commence soon. So...stay tuned for the debut of River Bottom Blues.
contact: richardbush at authorsniche. com

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Jennifer Hillier said...

Congratulations, Ricky! What terrific news! And I think it's exciting to work with a new publisher - together, you could put each other on the map.

Well done!