Thursday, August 22, 2019

The Crime Fighting Bluesmen Are Orphans

My crime fighting bluesmen series of crime novels are officially out of print due to my publisher closing up shop. I doubt anyone reading this also read some of my 'woe is me' blog stories about my knack for choosing publishers who chose to go out of business shortly after getting the manuscript for my first novel accepted, so I won't go into great detail. Just that it happened twice in the past and this one makes three. So, I went from being an author with four published novels, down to one. River Bottom Blues, The Devil's Blues and Howling Mountain Blues became orphans overnight and just when I put the finishing touches on my WiP (work in progress). 

The good news is that Fahrenheit Press, publisher of The Oaxacan Kid, has my latest submission and they have an interest in the orphans. Whether they get re-published or not remains to be seen, but I have high hopes that they see the light of day once again. I actually opened up my blog today to remove the links of those books to Amazon and realized I failed on my goal to enter blog posts more frequently. 

So, those readers who planned to grab one or more of the first three books, but never got around to it will be out of luck until a reprint happens. In the mean time, The Oaxacan Kid is still alive and well and available at Amazon (link is in sidebar of blog) and Fahrenheit Press. BTW, they are running a buy two/get a third one free thought the month of August 2019--just in case you see something else you like their.

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