Saturday, August 31, 2019

Time to Gig

Getting primed up for my gig with Rob Moorman and Company tonight at 6:30 at The Whitehorse Tavern in Burton, Texas. It's a lovely old country type beer joint, that also serves up country style food (for lunch for the most part). It's run by an ex-student of mine, who eventually became my boss as an assistant principal. Allison Crowson is a heckuva musician herself; superb vocalist, piano player and accordion squeezer. We always enjoy the place.

We'll wrap up our Labor Day tour at Home Sweet Farm in Brenham at 4pm. We love the venue and Brad Stufflebean and his wife Jenny have brought in some stupendous musical talent since they opened their doors. Always a good time.

On the subject of talent, The 4Star Concert venue, which has been open a little over a year, brings in some of the best regional talent around. Spent last Saturday night, after our Home Sweet Farm gig, being blown away by guitarist Van Wilks. Back in the day, when I attended college in San Marcos in the early 70's, Wilks would blow into town and blow everyone away. Forty years down the road, his chops have done nothing but become more stupendous.

For anyone who still pulls up my blog for some reason, I'll use my Harp Train 10 amp at the tavern. It's a lower volume gig, so the amp needs to kept a the lowest volume setting, which tends to rob its tone. To compensate, I run through my Lone Wolf delay, Lone Wolf reverb, and Lone Wolf octave pedal. It gives back what the low volume takes away.

I always use my Fender Custom Princeton Reverb at Home Sweet Farm (no pedals) for a bit more volume. It matches up perfect to the venue. I blow through both amps with a vintage Shure green bullet (actually it's more of a Robin's egg blue) w/controlled reluctance element, which is my favorite mic. 'Nuff for now.

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