Friday, January 29, 2010

Big Walter's Blues News

Here's a link to some home recordings of Big Walter Horton that I've never heard. Each of them exemplifies the genius of the man and his extraordinary tone. This site is from the Swedish blue publication Jefferson Magazine. Just scroll down until you get to the eight downloadable music tracks. Click Here.

Bob Corritore turned me on to this through his excellent blues newsletter, which is a chocked full of blues we all can use. Go over to Bob's website and sign up. He always includes some great links to blue videos and audios. Instead of butchering the Big Walter information, I'll just let you read what he wrote:

More Big Walter information. In the last newsletter, we reported that a new Big Walter Horton reissue had come out called King Of The Harmonica Players. Since then, we have been notified by Clas Ahlstrand of the Scandinavian Blues Association, who recorded some of these wonderful sides on a portable recorder while visiting Chicago, that this is not a licenced release. Clas also reports that eight of these sides are available as free downloads on the Jefferson Magazine site. Along with the downloads are the story and photos of the journey to Chicago and the home recording sessions with Big Walter. Thank you Clas for this additional information, and for recording these great sides for the world to enjoy.

I really enjoyed hearing these recordings, so I just had to share.


Anonymous said...

As always I appreciate you're CD recommendations. This Big Walter stuff is "way cool".
Thanks-Keep posting!

Ricky Bush said...

Hey Dean--thanks. They really show off how well Big Walter can do the big toned stuff.