Monday, January 25, 2010

IBC Wraps It Up

Well, by all reports, Sonny Boy Terry's band played a couple of kickin' sets at the International Blues Challenge, but wasn't quite enough to sway the judges away from appointing Grady Champion as the winner. For those that are not familiar with the IBC process, each band is assigned a venue in which to showcase their talents. They match up against the same bands on both Thursday and Friday nights. The band with the best scores at each venue move on to the finals. Grady Champion's band was chosen from Sonny Boy's venue, and he went on to take the overall title. Check out the official results at the Blues Foundation's website. My blues harmonica breathren can check out what Grady Champion brought to the party at his website.

Sonny Boy Terry has convinced me that he's a way richer man by meeting so many fine, fine blues musicians, fans, music industry representativs, and just flat soaking up the atmosphere (and food). Winning would have just been the cherry topping the whipped cream.

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