Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Murdering The Blues

Felt the need to drop a bit of an update on my progress as an author of crime novels. River Bottom Blues is chugging through the publishing queue heading for what looks like a landing sometime between September and November of 2011. I'll have a firmer idea of the actually release date in the following months. My cover has been assigned an artist, so that's an exciting step. I'm looking forward to seeing if my vision matches that of the cover's designer. The book is due for a review by the senior editorial staff, so the possibility of it landing back on my side of the court for a little more tweaking could be in the cards.

I've been working at getting the word out into the wild blue yonder by world wide web or word of mouth or whatever else I can think of doing. Doing just that right now, by the way. Hope no one minds. I think providing blues fans with their own crime novel protagonists should be a good thing. Don't you? I mean, a couple harmonica blowing dudes should be able to save their fellow man (or woman) from sure death as well as any martial arts kickin', sharp shootin' hero. Right? That's what I'm thinking anyway. Thinking it so much that I'm 62,000 words into my newest adventure with Mitty Andersen (self-retired reporter blowing the blues) and Pete Bolden (born again preacher playing the nasty ol' blues harp again). They are trying to find out who blew up a church, the steeple and the people, and got their good friend framed for the evil deed. Heading for the concluding chapters, so I've got to decide how they catch the bad guys or kill the bad guys and whether or not they'll save all mankind in the process.


J.B. Chicoine said...

I do so enjoy the blues--I'll look forward to River Bottom Blues release!
...and, oh my, I'd be dying to see my new cover, if I were you. I hope you'll share it once it's available!

Ricky Bush said...

Oh, yeah, I'll definitely share the cover once it materializes. Thanks for visiting the ol' blog here and leaving a comment, JB.