Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Back In Fat Air

Just got back from traveling to the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon and points in between with the wife, Virginia and son, John. Great trip! Along the way, we spied the Petrified Forest and the Painted Deserts of Arizona and they proved to be wonderful landscapes, but just warmed us up for the main events. We rode the Grand Canyon Train from Williams, Arizona to the Grand Canyon, more for the historical aspect of the trip than anything else. Our tour conductor warned of the higher altitude's skinny air and the resulting breathing difficulties as a result. He certainly was correct and our lungs complained more than once during our canyon hikes. We really enjoyed the mild temperatures that rarely exceeded a high of 75 degrees.

So, here I sit back in the Fat Air of Texas with a current temperature of 100 degrees. Now that will oppress any kind of attempt to draw a breath. I have to say that Bryce Canyon turned out to be our favorite landscape. The Hoodoos and Grottos won us over.

Blues content---We spent two nights of our trip in Santa Fe and we ventured into the La Fonda hotel bar that promised a blues band featured. Once I saw that a double decker keyboard dominated center stage and that the guitarist planned to sling his notes through a small solid state amp, I had my doubts. Since we were within five minutes of show time, we hung around until the first song proved that they wouldn't be my cup of tea. Mellow R&B, which my son aptly nailed as elevator music. Anyway--here's a few flicks of the 310 photos we shot.

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