Friday, June 20, 2008

DIY Impedance Matcher--Pt.2


Mouser always amazes me with their customer service. These parts were ordered Monday and arrived by US mail today--so I guess its too late to back out now. I remembered that I forgot add another part that is not on the Mouser list and that is a perfboard that I had gotten from Radio Shack at some point. The switch that is pictured above may have come from there also.

By the way, this is my first built of anything electronics. I've fooled around with modifying the amps that I've mentioned on this blog, but I pretty much consider myself a hack at this stuff. My soldering skills are questionable, but as long as things work and keep working then I'm happy--it is just a good thing that the evidence of my work gets enclosed somehow. Which brings me to the point of this post.

The photo above is basically my layout plans for the components that will be attached to the box after I drill a few holes. They are just kinda posed up there right now. I haven't cut the perfboard (seen partially exposed on the right) to fit the enclosure yet and I probably won't do much more than talking about it in this post until tomorrow (that's the plan). I do have isolation washers for the Switchcraft jacks. So, my plan is to stick the switch and pot along one side opposite the batteries. I'm thinking about velcroing the battery holders to the bottom of the box and seeing how that'll work. Might figure a way to velcro the perfboard in also. I don't know, because I'm gonna wing it here. ANYBODY who wants to jump in and stop me from doing something stupid, feel free. Anyway--here me go!

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