Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Guy Forsyth

One of the true musical treasures in our state has a newly modified website up and running and it is an absolute gem of creativity. You've got to check out for an entertaining and humorous trip. While you're there, check out his tunes and get 'em. He ain't exactly a bluesman, but when he is, well, he's hard to touch. Wrote briefly about him in a previous post regarding some of his skills along those lines. He has the most powerful voice that I have ever heard in a live setting, he has an immaculate, fat tone on the harmonica and he plays a mean guitar. He writes tunes that carry deep, deep messages at times and then throws out funny, little diddies to show that he doesn't always take himself too seriously. Eclectic, Americana, Ragtime-ish, Texana, Old Time-ish or whatever. Tough nut to pigeon-hole, so don't even try--just enjoy what he's doing, beginning with a visit to his site. Thanks to my bud, Stephen Schneider for informing me that it was up and just what hilarity Guy was putting forth.

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