Saturday, June 21, 2008

JAYPHAT Impedance Matcher--Pt. 3

SCREWUP#s 1&2--

Decided to call this thing by its name, the Jayphat. A fellow by the name of Greg Schlacter designed the one that I've heard Stephen Schneider use that was impressive. Over on the harp forums, Bruce Saunders discusses his build and includes some very informative information in his posts there. He also mentions an alternative buffer box which he has built that has similar functions.

So, the photos above illustrate my first and second missteps in this project. Thinking that I had just the right size bit for drilling out the switch reminds me of the old carpenter's credo--measure twice/cut once. So, the hole for the switch is larger than need be and should be about the same size as the hole to the right that I drilled for the pot. At least I checked the hole before I drilled the pot hole with the same bit. Oh, well--pretty much par for me.

I layed out my components on the perfboard (I'll cut it where the masking tape is stuck) and gaff #2 sprang out at me, and I hope anyone reading my parts list below (which I'll note) catches the mistake. For some reason I ordered a 10K resistor when a 10 ohm value was needed as a connection to the switch (must be some voodoo about that switch). So, I'm on hold for the moment until I can track down a resistor that'll work. Anyway--

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