Monday, June 30, 2008


I'm posting the backside of my perfboard here because a few folks wanted to see what I did, even though I've admitted that I kinda hack away at these things. The use of velcro is apparent at the corners of the board as my method of securing it to the bottom of the box. I sort of built up a couple of layers to raise it up a little higher. I ran a bare copper wire along one edge as my grounding strip and where I needed to cross components, I left the insulating cover on the 22 gauge hookup wire. Might not be pretty, but it sure do work.

I still need a house that is emptier in order to really check out all my mics and amps with the Jayphat. I should be home alone at some point this week and I'll see what I can crank out. In the mean time let me share this website:

Stephen Schneider (aka HTownFess) has a number of uploads on the list where he is demonstrating just what tonal characteristics the Jayphat spits out. His tone is to kill for, with or without the impedance matcher. He shows just what incremental elements can be coaxed out of mics with the box in a number of different scenarios--lots of value there. Check out all the HTownFess uploads. Some of them feature his playing in a live club setting with Dave Nevling's band and illustrate just what a talent he is. The one's listed as DNBK feature Dave's playing. He is absolutely one of the best blues harp masters around--who deserves national recogition. Anyway--Check 'em out!

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