Wednesday, June 25, 2008

JAYPHAT Impedance Matcher--LAST PART


Patience is not a virtue that I possess. Just the opposite as a matter of fact. Someday I just need to face the fact that I just don't have the patience needed to deal with these SIMPLE projects (in the hands of competence). I spent a good part of my day pulling my hair out and trying to troubleshoot just what I did to screw up such a simple task. There were a number of things that I did and re-did to get this thing doing the do, so I don't know exactly what I undid that did it. I know the JFET was wired wrong and corrected that first off and I think one of the leads on the 5uF cap was also tie up in the wrong spot and I'm pretty sure that I corrected a ground problem somewhere during the day and at some point the darn thing began working. It does exactly what it is design to do--beefs up my crystal mics. Hurray! I didn't have time for an extensive trial run, but what I hear was worth the effort.

Mucho thanks to my com padre Stephen Schneider for feeding me advice and sort of reminding me that I could figure it out. I was ready to toss it all in a drawer last night and not think about it for awhile. Anyway--


HTownFess said...

Imposing box, at least--you want a chicken head knob for that? Some folks are doing lettering on their printers and shooting it with lacquer once on the chassis.

Try to figure out what acts like unity gain--roughly as loud as without the box--and mark that on the box as a reference point. It's tricky due to the way the boosted freqs add volume, but look for a working reference point to start from.

Ricky Bush said...

Thanks, Professor--

You know I was going to ask what unity gain meant, because I've heard it mentioned over at the Weber board. Didn't want to admit my ignorance--which is a dumb philosophy, especially for a teacher (retired). So, I researched the topic, but still didn't understand how to achieve it with the box. Now, I know and now I've admitted my ignorance. It's the only way to gain (unity or what ever) knowledge.Anyway--

See ya--

Justin Charles said...

Congrats on getting the box to work! That's always a great feeling! Now if I can get my Tonebender circuit up and running tonight, I'll be in your same boat!

Ricky Bush said...

Hey Justin--

Well, the box is not producing the proper output volume, so I guess there will be a "last part" redux post. In researching stompbox theory, I am amazed at how many folks run into glitches of frustration with these these gizmos that we quest for altered tone. Back to troubleshooting mode tomorrow-maybe. Anyway--

See ya--