Monday, June 23, 2008

JAYPHAT Impedance Matcher--Pt. 4

Gettin' There--

Plan was for Part 4 to be the finished box with test run results posted. Life gets in the way sometimes. Yesterday, I figured that I would run to Radio Shack after church and pick up the 10 ohm resistor that I needed, get back home and finish up the Jayphat. My wife mentioned that she would like for me to travel over to Round Top and pick up an antique table that she wanted to buy for a good deal. It needed work, but she said she would really look forward to re-finishing it. Okay, run to Round Top, swing by Radio Shack and finish project. BUT, the Radio Shack here doesn't do business on Sunday.

So, I had to make that run today and sandwich it in with a trip to my Son's orthodontist (so he could be miserable for awhile with additional metal added to his mouth), the recycle center, the grocery store and the hardware shop. Then, my assistance was needed with sanding the new/old table top, teaching a round of driver's ed to my son, visiting with my mom who dropped by to see the new/old table and playing a few rounds of promised ping-pong with my son who was in misery. I manage to solder up the components to the perfboard and at this point have quit there. I may jump on connecting up the jacks, switch, pot and batteries tonight, but I'll probably wait until tomorrow. Just a little weary right now. So, this 2-3 hours project is becoming a 3-4 day activity. This is retirement? Should finish it off tomorrow. Anyway--


Anonymous said...

I love that last bit--"So this is retirement!" Haha!

Thanks for this project write up! Can you please post a picture of the backside of the perfboard with all the components soldered in place? I'm in the process of building a vintage Vox Tonebender-clone fuzz pedal and have opted for perfboard rather than a professionally printed PCB (trying to save some money and acquire a new skill), but I'm stuck! I'm unsure of how to solder all the connections on the underside of the perfboard and think if I could just see a picture I could figure it out...



Ricky Bush said...

Okay, Justin, here's the deal--you didn't read the part where I admitted that I'm a hack. Read tonight's post.