Saturday, June 28, 2008

JAYPHAT Impedance Matcher--Last Part 2

Okay, now I can actually whoop (an Aggie term) with success. The Last Part post was kinda premature. I just thought that I had what I wanted. You see, when I had finished the last bit of re-wiring, it was late and night and I had everything toned down to low volume. Just the fact, though, that I was getting the box to emit a signal into the amp convinced me that I had solved all problems. The next day revealed that I had indeed counted those chickens too soon, because I was indeed getting a signal, but it remained a very looowww signal. So, I've been spending the days between the Last Part and today (intermittently) trying to troubleshoot the problem and came really close to giving up and yelling CALFROPE! I was ready to get up this morning and post my failed attempt here, but I gave it one more shot.

Stephen Schneider offered his advice several days ago and if I had really paid careful attention, then I would have caught the problem right off the bat--My INPUT signal was not wired through the .68uF capacitor correctly. I thought it was and kind of ignored what was happening there and went about doing this and that and the other. This morning I began to question where I had the signal going and looked into things to see that I screwed that up. A bit of re-wiring gave me a mic/amp impedance match that blew my socks off! It was performing exactly as I had remembered Stephen S's magic box did.
The photo here has been added to fulfill a request for me too provide a view of the inside of the box. Ignore my hacking/soldering job. The perfboard and the battery clips are velcroed down. I don't know if that is Kosher or not and if it presents a problem, then I'll do some epoxying or something.

I've only run it through my Kalamazoo amp with my JT30 MC151 crystal and it was impressive there. I'll report back as I try out different mic/amp combinations. WHOOP! Anyway--

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